Federer swept through the small Dezi

2010 season's first Grand Slam - Australian Open, the end of the first eight games on the competition. Men's singles, the Roger Federer and the small German are swept their respective opponents in straight sets three strong promotion; while Nikolay Davydenko and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga were all gone through five wars was a difficult test for clearance. Women unilateral, Serena continued since the start of this strong performance in the Australian Open, two women swept Australia Meng Si Tuose; Da-wei earlier lost a staged under the adverse situation reversed; China Jinhua Li Na Norinao beat off two tournament No. 4 seed Wo Zini Aceh, followed after the success of Zheng Jie reached the quarter-finals, this is first time in her career into the Australian Open quarterfinals. Women's doubles competition, partner Yan Zi and Zheng Jie Martek will be a combination of Weisininuo eliminated, they will encounter in the quarter-finals of the Williams sisters.

Men's singles:

Roger Federer: hare almost perfect sweep

Tournament top seed Roger Federer in straight sets today, 3 to 6-2,6-3 and 6-4 sweep No. 22 seed in Australia, "Hare," Hewitt, with a strong advance near-perfect match quarter-finals, The match was Federer's 15th straight against Hewitt's victory is also a track on his first Australian Open victory in 51 games. The next round of competition, Federer will once again have recently encountered two game winning streak of his Russian "model workers" Davydenko.

Small German: continuation of a strong sweep opponents

Suffered a slow first two rounds, the tournament No. 4 seed, Novak Djokovic of Serbia genius in the third round at last part of the best, losing only three of the four Bureau sweep opponents. Today, he continued a good feeling again, and eventually straight sets 6-1,6-2 and 7-5 to sweep the Polish player library Porter successfully reach the last eight. Quarter-finals in Germany will once again hit the small Australian Open final in 2008, opponents - the French "Ali" Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

The two other games, tournament No. 6 seeded Russian Nikolay Davydenko of model workers in order to 6-2,7-5,4-6,5-7 (5) and 6-3 bitterly five out of Spain's No. 9 seed Vadasz Section. Games No. 10 seed, in 2008 Australian Open runner-up Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is also an excellent two earlier wins were the Spaniards landed in a situation of deciding set, but ultimately a long drive in the decisive battle to 9-7 win , rounded out the quarter-finals for three consecutive years, five scores for 6-3/6-4/4-6/6 (6) -7/9-7.

Women's singles:

Serena: state terror Easy promotion

The start the Australian Open since the tournament's top seed and defending champion Serena Williams of the state quite horror, three game sweep all opponents advance. Today's women's singles fourth round, Serena once again offer a sweep, he was easily in straight sets to beat Australia 6-4 and 6-2, Meng F Situo Se, the strong push into the quarter-finals.

Da-wei: a reversal will be staged fight Na

Australian Open second round last year in the tragic explosion of the Da-wei although at this Australian Open as the No. 6 seed just a race, but along the way fairly smooth sailing, the former three rounds without losing a strong advance 16. Today's game, although she lost the first one, but the ultimate success of the reversal of opponents, in order to 3-6,6-2 and 6-1 victory over tournament 17th seed Francesca Schiavone of Italy fierce woman.

The other games, tournament No. 7 seed Belarus earlier lost a gifted young girls negative staged the first major reversal of the situation, and successfully in the deciding set to give No. 9 seed Vera Zvonareva a duck to 4-6,6 -- 4 and 6-0 victory over rivals, rounded out his career for the first time the Australian Open quarter-finals.

China Jinhua:

Li: First quarter-finals another historic break

Following the success of yesterday's Zheng Jie of China's Jinhua created the Australian Open singles in the best track record, the Li Na, today also completed the feat of the first into the Australian Open quarter-finals, her straight sets 6-4 6-3 win over Games No. 4 seed, the Danish prodigy Wo Zini Aceh, which is Li Na, the U.S. Open last year after two consecutive Grand Slam tournaments entered the quarter-finals in Grand Slam quarter-finals of the arena will be the first time two Chinese players. 1 / 4 final, Li Na, will face No. 6 seed Venus Williams.

Women's doubles competition, Zheng Jie and Yan Zi Grand Slam for the first time will have to split the participants across networks as opposed to eight tickets for a fighting one another for the final Yan Zi and U.S. Martek No. 8 seed in the composition of two beat Zheng Jie 6-4, and Russian beauty Weisinina, and who wish the final eight, they will in 1 / 4 final against defending champion Williams sisters.

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Federer is not worried about the prospects for the Australian Open

During today's ATP Open men's singles semi-finals in Doha, Qatar, the tournament's top seed, Roger Federer lost the next two 4-6 and 4-6 loss to Russia's "model workers," Nikolay Davydenko, unfortunately, missed the final, Nikolay Davydenko and Rafael Nadal will fight the winner of this contest. Federer after the match that there is no excuse for losing opponent should the state even more remarkable victory; while Davydenko will point out the key to winning the race, it is an excellent serve and fight for every point of fighting spirit.

Roger Federer in this match has become a very bad state, the first game was start to break the once was behind 0-3 and eventually lost a 4-6. The second set, Federer match at the 2nd Board missed two critical break point, then he was immediately punished, Nikolay Davydenko in the first three Bureau again break and stay ahead of the way until the end of the race, this is his last two months of the second beat the Swiss - the last time in London's Masters Cup semi-finals.

Roger Federer after the match appears to be convinced for the defeat: "Yes, his serve is very good, especially when he needs the time. I felt his arm today, somewhat flexible, but this does not become an excuse. His serve really well, often more than 200 miles per hour are in, which makes the game seem very difficult process. But for the Australian Open I am still full of confidence, the current state of my body pretty well. "

While Davydenko is naturally very excited: "This is a tough game, every inch of the pitch is full of contention. He has been to put pressure on me, no matter when I always play a key victory, and I am running today a lot, which makes me very tired, especially in the second set, but I still must struggle every minute, until the final victory. "

Nikolay Davydenko and Rafael Nadal will compete for the final title, for the final Davydenko said: "This certainly is a tough race, because I watched the performance before him, his current status is very good, he is a spaces can be marked with a continuous 10 hours of the competition, fans will be able to see an exciting race. I feel a little tired, but I still feel that way about their own game happy, I am always here, the enthusiasm of the Russian fans support. "

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Nadal, Robin Soderling in straight sets Revenge

Spain, "the king of clay," Nadal in the 2010 season and opened a good start. The end of the 2nd exhibition in Abu Dhabi tennis final, Nadal, 2-0 straight sets victory over Robin Soderling of Sweden hatchetman won the first New Year's crown.

The previous day's semi-final, Robin Soderling his first career win and the "King of Switzerland," Federer morale Zhengwang. But Nadal did not let the Swedes have the last laugh, he made the final 7-6 (3), 7-5 the score with under two be reported to the French Open last season, revenge for the defeat.

The Abu Dhabi ATP Tour Tennis is not a one-stop, a total of only six players. Nadal, ranked second in the world's first-round bye, directly into the semi-finals. The semi-final win over fellow Spaniard David Ferrer 7:6,6:3.

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Roddick revealed that he will join hands with Serena

11, the IOC Executive Committee approved the increase of the 2012 London Olympic Games mixed doubles tennis project. U.S. tennis star Andy Roddick heard this news, excitement in their own micro-Bo said he will join Williams to attend the London Olympic Games tennis mixed doubles match. But they will not smooth the road of victory, the U.S. doubles champion Bob - Bryan and Venus Williams will hope to match, and Roddick / Serena portfolio to compete against.

December 11, the IOC Executive Board formally approved the increase of the 2012 London Olympic Games mixed doubles tennis project, but to participate in the number of tennis players will not increase. Andy Roddick, after hearing the news, immediately get in touch with Serena, and to identify the two will work together to participate in the London Olympic Games mixed doubles competition.

Roddick in their own micro-Bo said, "has been established. Serena (Williams) will be, and Andy (Roddick) team participated in the 2012 Olympic Games mixed doubles competition."

But Roddick / Serena will likely face the challenge of fellow combinations, the U.S. doubles champion Bob - Bryan, said he intended to match against Andy Roddick and Venus Williams / Serena combination. Bob - Brian in micro-Bo said, "was not yet determined, but if Bob (Brian) and Venus (Williams) team to participate in the 2012 race, then we will work with Andy and Serena a showdown. "

Bob - Brian and Gegemaike - Brian had jointly won seven Grand Slam men's doubles championship, and he has received six Grand Slam mixed doubles titles, is an absolute doubles specialists.

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The Paris Tennis Masters Senna Bean Strikes Back

The Paris Tennis Masters tournament on the 13th into the semi-finals of the competition, on the day of the most high-profile game, a team of "stagger" clearance "Spanish guy," Nadal win over the host player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga to his first Paris Masters champion a further step.

With the first two days of "fratricide" different, Nadal's opponent in the day the host of highly popular player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, who looks exactly like

Muhammad Ali, the teenager who won the tournament last year, were high hopes for French audiences. Competition has not yet started, Bercy stadium is Shanhu tsunami, drum horn sing. In the audience strong "gas field", the Jo-Wilfried Tsonga momentum rainbow, up on his own serve, hitting consecutive ACE ball, Paul made a successful rival at the same time send a one for "duck" .

Second game is "Spanish Kid" and serve, but he has been in the leading case of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga go-ahead, and the latter sent two break points, and good "natto" mentality strong enough to finally finally saved his own serve. The next eight Bureau of battle, both sides played quite satisfactory, has been fighting to the 5:5 level. The turning point in the game appeared in the 11th Council, the French teenager Rafael Nadal to seize the score beyond the mistakes gradually, with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga back to the ball under the net, Nadal successfully ruined the opponent's serve, won the initiative for themselves. 12 Bureau for Nadal Yuezhanyueyong quickly to seal the victory, won the first set win.

The second game was exactly the same situation with the first set, the first 10 bureaux, both men keep their serve once again into a 5:5 war level, as if cursed by fate, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the 11th Council began "soft" results are rivals break. Nadal then no longer give our opponents any chance to win a clear-cut under his own serve for the whole game painted on the successful close.

After the French teenager convinced, "he's in good form, played out in the race should be level, but I was just the opposite ... ... maybe one day, when my strength reached its peak, I can beat him, But not yet. "

From the initial connection to save five match points, narrowly made the cut, to the subsequent bitter fight three pass, "the Spanish Kid" state is rising, but he will face a strong enemy in the semi-coke Petkovic. "This will be a tough race, but I will do my best," he said.

In the other semi-area, the French teenager beat Croatia players Siric Memphis, becoming the only promotion Masters semi-finals of the French player.

Tennis Masters Cup will be 15 this sunset under the curtain.

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Nadal is not obsessed with the results of the enjoyment of competition

Withdrew because of back injury in Tokyo, Shanghai, Federer race at Milan Fashion Week on the landscape with time, Nadal is still at home waiting for doctor's verdict, even abdominal strain so he did not even serve the training of can not be carried out, but he still did not want to give up these two events in Asia, "This is what I originally planned the game, I've missed too many games this season, I do not want to miss more numerous." To know is not the Each one has the world's second race because of his withdrawal through injury while blushing with every handshake, said the experience of regret.

Finally, Nadal, or came, in the net the day before the draw, Nadal set his Asian trip, there he has ever conquered in the network, as well as he had never entered the final in Shanghai. "Every tournament seriously, every opponent," his uncle Tony set of rules to his childhood, he has to comply. In the introduction, so Wikipedia says, "coach Tony • Nadal is a basic principle of life like education, Tony is an extremely humble, calm and down to earth person, and he tried to pass these qualities to the Na dar. "Toni Nadal to wear their own racket lines, their own laundry, and even after obtaining the first Grand Slam still ride low-cost airline to go home. Obviously, he was successful, unlike most other tennis players Rafael Nadal, like small displacement, until today he is still and his family live together in Mallorca Rafael Nadal, because his family feel that this is a boy's growth good.

Heard that I come from the "Sports Illustrated" Chinese version of the journalists, Nadal smiled greeting: "Hello! You are a very well-known media!" But I bet he could not read the Chinese version of our magazine, of course, in addition Swimsuit special issue.

It reminds me of 2005 first came to the network, Nadal, 19 years old, he side Toumiao accidentally dropped his cell phone on the ground, while acceptance of our interview, and then the last question quickly ran after the end of He picked up that even in the year can also be counted as "prehistoric machine" treasure. In 2009, has experienced the life experiences of the world's No. 1 Rafael Nadal to win the grass, and tackled hard, but still not trained to better articulate and skilled social skills. Or perhaps those who are not valued by him, he can enjoy Federer had been under the day, but it will not tolerate their own play a bad game.

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Prince tennis racket allows you to intercept became very comfortable

The Prince tennis rackets are lighter, better flexibility, an online auction website for the prince to bring this outstanding rotation and ball. To meet the strong offensive player for the racket head speed and ball performance, the highest requirements. In the bottom-line with the feel comfortable, even when you hit the ball deviate from the sweet spot will not produce any bad feeling. in the net can be easily pushed the ball near the line in the end. A good feel for your flat blow, intercept became very comfortable. in the serve to bring out when the rotation and the ball is outstanding, in order to serve to bring more power and higher bounce. Prince EXO3 Rebel Team 95 tennis players for the use of more than 4.0.

The Prince tennis racket to hit the ball very well adapted to current strong trends to better meet the current requirements of competition. With 100 film 110 film instead of the original surface, an increase of the Prince the latest EXO3 carbon materials. EXO3 this new material be applied to online auction website in an external frame of the film can increase the tennis ball when the line to move freely, resulting in a more comfortable feel and a more powerful force. The situation in the short swing can produce a solid and comfortable hitting feel. Good performance of the line bed biting the ball to bring you a strong rotation and excellent point performance, both at the baseline drive performance significantly. the net, the perfect combination of flexibility and stability, mainly comes from its mid-point of a bit more head Light balanced design. Prince EXO3 Graphite 100 Mid + tennis racket is a versatile, suitable for players to use more than 4.0.

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Babolat AeroPro Drive Tennis Racket Nadal Introduction

Here to introduce AeroPro Drive tennis racket, yes, it is just climb to the top men's professional tennis, the location of the world's No. 1 Nadal's tennis racket.

Babolat tennis racket combines the Zhezhi Aero Technology PD shot the first film frame and advantages in one design, good handling, while providing a strong explosive force, more perfect rotation. The bottom line for the power-type player with Zhezhi online auction website that allows more precise impact point, rotation is more intense, I believe we have had the experience of the Rafael Nadal falls to the ground that the high bounce of the top spin. We all know that clay, put a small ball is a frequently used technology, the net Zhezhi auction flexibility, stability, performance is also very eye-catching. The power of good when you in case of interception is doing even better, so that the ball's impact point is more tricky. This power and rotating the ball very well also be able to play, and let the ball spin and speed of performance needs.

Zhezhi Babolat tennis racket used CORTEX techniques makes the feel more comfortable. At present, have demonstrated strength and rotation remains strong, comfortable feel, so you can be any position on the pitch to launch an attack. Meanwhile, the large sweet spot and good strength can also be suitable for different levels of tennis enthusiasts. Well help the 3.5 level of tennis lovers to enhance the power and spin on the ball control, for 4.5 level players can also get a very good offensive game advantage.

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Wilson tennis racket for the player a huge energy

The use of a new Wilson tennis racket frame of the player - strong, precise and impressive. Event for a new generation of creative attacking players. Kobra Tour enormous energy for the players, the largest K factor rotation and the [K] ontrol legend. The Wilson K Factor Kobra Tour tennis racket is to defeat all types of lethal weapons opponents.

Wilson K Factor KPro Staff 88

A racquet so hefty it makes the ProStaff Original 6.0 85 and KSix-One Tour 90 feel light and maneuverable in comparison, the KPro Staff 88 was designed especially for Pete Sampras and features his signature on the frame. Although now playing only senior tour and exhibition tennis, Sampras is striking the ball as well as ever. The KPro Staff 88 has replaced his trusted ProStaff Original 6.0 85 and brings with it a higher swingweight and a less head light balance in stock form. Offering a tremendous amount of plough through, the KPro Staff 88 provides rock solid stability on every shot. Players will need to have good technique and some strength to get the most out of this stick. Long, smooth and fast swings result in a very heavy and penetrating ball. There's lots of bite from the stringbed, allowing plenty of spin production. Thanks to the weight of the racquet, hitting with depth comes easily. Once in motion, the weight of the racquet pushes the ball deep into the opposing court. At net, the KPro Staff 88 offers pinpoint precision. The control oriented response and excellent stability combine to allow the player to dominate the ball, even when up against heavy passing attempts. Well-timed serves come off the racquet with lots of pace and weight. Stronger players will find good access to spin and enough mass to hit with plenty of heat. Although this is a demanding player's racquet, in the right hands (NTRP 5.0 +) this stick combines axe like power with scalpel like precision.

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The only option for Dementieva's tennis

Tennis player is one of the most superstitious athletes, his / their own are particularly sensitive to things around. Lockers, the shape, size, direction of the door opened, athletes texture sofa rest area, the layout of the restaurant game, and even match the layout of cities and climate, are likely to be the factors that affect their psychological. Of course, Ritsumeikan which of their weapons - a racket, the players a little more superstitious it is not surprising.

POLO Shanghai Open 2003 women's singles champion Elena Dementieva will have a strange habit. Although the unix companies to provide her with sufficient MP Tour-1 tennis racket, but when Elena Dementieva of each game only the teams to use only her mother and coach non-stop every day ran rackets for the threading support. While others do the racket? In fact, both in quality and feel, the one with exactly the same as that, but not have the chance to play. Dementieva to know the habits of people are waiting for the extension of the racket she used to break the game, so good-looking she was then choose other rackets? Will simply give up the game. Unfortunately, today, this scene has not been seen again.

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